Finding out what webpages used to look like in the past with
Chatting with an Artificial Intelligence chat bot.
Looking up words in Wiktionary.
Using Google to translate texts.
Check whether a page has been copied.
World and beliefs
The Flying spaghetti monster and the Wikipedia article about it.
Gapminder: exploring world statistics.
TED Ideas worth spreading.
Myth, jokes and illusions
Optical Illusions.
Myths about the Middle Ages: they did not really believe the Earth was flat.
Rationalist international an Indian-originating forum for promoting rational explanations.
Wikis for discovering pseudoscience, etc.
Travel and weather
The Deutsche Bundesbahn maintains a railway timetable for Europe.
Exchange rates.
World time zones.
How to travel by rail in the UK.
Website of the Royal Mail.
Avoiding unwanted mail and phone calls by signing up to the Mailing preference service and the Telephone preference service.
Avoid using expensive non-geographical phone numbers (0870..) by dialling alternative numbers.
Protect your property from being stolen by registering it in the National Property Register
Books that used to be banned in USA at some point.
The US Metric Association hopes to introduce the metric system in USA one day.
An artist in Germany has been installing Stolpersteine (cobblestone-sized memorials) in places where victims of the Nazis used to live.
Markus Neidel's Zoomquilts.
Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation /Ukraine's Got Talent.
Chinese water ink.
Ecological footprint
Wikipedia page about permaculture (sustainable land use modelled on natural ecologies).
PBS's Earth on edge website.

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